RPA Orchestrator

Automation Tool for repetitive tasks


Yaomiqui is a very easy to use and highly versatile Open Source tool to Automate repetitive tasks in your IT environment.

Its built on solid base of Perl, which provide an highly stability and performance.

Yaomiqui is able to run remote commands in remote GNU/Linux as well as ®Windows machines.

It can takes decisions as well as you decide that do it.

Yaomiqui reduces more than 80% your repetitive common tasks and of course, it reduces the expense of time and money.

Yaomiqui is very easy to install because of has unattended installation scripts.

You only run the installation script and have Yaomiqui working in your own Yaomiqui Automation Server.

It needs low system requirements, but must be a dedicated GNU/Linux Server.

Yaomiqui has a powerful XML graphical designer so is very easy to use.


In Nerd Mode:

AutoBot Designer


In Laic Mode:


Ticket List


Report Charts (It shows all type of tickets processed on the current month)


Saving Reports (It shows the type of tickets you have selected on the configuration)


Logging of all process (TimeLine view)


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